Let’s keep things in perspective and before we delve into what Ethereum is, we must first know what the internet is and their sweet offers. The latter is even better. Before we even did this, the main mode of communication was physical. It was tiring and by the time you receive them it was already stale if not obsolete.

Then came Robert Metcalfe and his Ethernet and chips, convinced companies and at the end of the day, we had one big web of uses sharing information in one humongous network we now call the internet. Now we had the luxury of sending emails and even receiving them on real time which is pretty cool right? But we don’t use the internet for sending emails only, do we? Yes you right. We can use it to research or even send data.

Ethereum another layer on the internet?

The same applies to block chain. The first application was to create a trustless electronic form of payment cutting through jurisdictions. Right after that, invention number two has taken over and this seeks to remove third parties that store our data, charge ludicrous fees for mortgage transfer and even those who keep track of financial instruments through a platform called Ethereum.

Ethereum as a “world’s computer”

Ethereum and Bitcoin both ride on block chain but they are like brothers with different life goals. Ethereum wants to cleanse the original sin of the internet by decentralizing applications and driving out the need of centralized information storage which is vulnerable to attacks. Do Yahoo or Uber ring any bells? Right.

What I’m saying in this, Ethereum want to create some sort of a world’s computer which depends on the masses for existence. By doing so, the system will definitely be decentralized and or even democratic. No one can outmuscle anyone in decentralized system.

Rewards as a miner

To achieve this, Ethereum use volunteers called nodes distributed all over the world to participate in transaction validation. Because of their participation, a reward system is available any time they validate a transaction.

Unlike Bitcoin mining, there is no mining in Ethereum but instead miners have to work for their reward and once a transaction verified by one is linked to main chain, they are rewarded with about 5 Ethers in what is a Proof of Work protocol. Those other miners who were right but their coins weren’t attached to the main chain are compensated in what is called Aunt/Uncle reward system at 2 Ether per block.

Ethereum Virtual Machine and Smart Contracts

We must understand that every application that has some sort of registry or ledger can be distributed through the Ethereum platform. This is not easy as you many think. To enable this an ingenious solution was found by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin called smart contracts running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine-the EVM.

In case you are wondering, EVM is this Turing Complete software that allows you to run smart contract application in any language it is coded in. Python, C, C++, Ruby, it doesn’t matter, the application will run on the block chain.

Therefore with EVM and Smart Contracts users can successfully transfer physical assets spelled out in contracts and hard code it on smart contracts as a decentralized application-Dapp-running on EVM with Ether used as a means of payment. The unique thing about these smart contracts is their autonomous self-executing nature. Once set, it cannot be changed just like everything else on the block chain.


Was Mt Gox saga a cryptocurrency trigger in Japan?

The word Bitcoin in Japan has for the longest time been associated with theft, Ponzi and fraud because of the 2014 Mt. Gox saga. Mt Gox was a Tokyo based Bitcoin exchange that suddenly shut down after realizing that they had been hacked. 85,000 Bitcoin worth over $450Mat the time was missing and were thought to be stolen. The CEO was arrested and charged with embezzlement and fraud.

Around the same time however, local-based Japanese crypto currencies sprung up.  Monacoin, a popular currency used to buy goods online, especially among online gamers, being one of them. After a period of growth and supportive legislation, Japan amended her laws to allow virtual currencies as a legal form of payment earlier this year.

This, coupled with the fact that China and Korea had recently outlawed ICO and crypto trading activities, saw a huge leap in Bitcoin’s price to over $7,000. Their exchanges were also flooded with startup requests for coin offerings from all over the world.

Japanese Regulation

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) approved use of Bitcoin by setting rules that allow the masses to pay for their transactions using Bitcoin. This move necessitated and made it mandatory for participants to be licensed and comply with audit rules as set by the regulatory body. Audit was set annually.

The result?  Widespread use of the currency by major stores, merchants and retailers as majority saw it as a government approval.

Some of Japan’s biggest organizations including Bic Camera, the leading electronics retailer, Capsule-Japan’s largest budget hotel, Chain and Peach-a major budget airline operator have partnered with Bitcoin exchanges and are now accepting payments Bitcoins.

Later in September, FSA approved 11 cryptocurrency exchanges and 17 virtual currencies.

Bitcoin Adoption

Bic Camera, a dominant electronic retail seller, has especially triggered uproar in using Bitcoin as a payment method.

There have also been several multi-billion dollar organizations that have come up their own platforms with divergent visions.

Point in case is Remix, a major electric grid operator, came up with BitPoint. BitPoint is an exchange associated with Bitcoin that can be used to process electric and other bill payments in Bitcoins from consumers.

When Bitcoin became accepted in Japan, an estimated 4,500 stores accepted Bitcoin as a formal payment method. The number has since sky rocketed to 22,500 and the number is expected to increase as more and more people readily accept this coin as a form of payment.


Japanese take of ICO and Regulation interpretation

The water is still murky when it comes to the interpretation of the financial securities being issued as there are no clear regulations on the matter.

A token that is packaged like a financial security sold in an ICO can be considered a collective funding scheme which is protected by the FSA’s Financial Instruments Act so long as the payment is in fiat currency e.g. Ether.

Japan hopes that the Fintechs sector which crypto trading falls under changes the economic and cooperate activities by making back office functions digital, calling for an increase in cashless consumer payments and developing new technologies that will enhance cash flow between companies.

The sector faces setbacks such as scarcity of entrepreneurs and start up with a majority of young people looking for jobs in existing companies. The gaming sector that thrives more in the country also tends to attract more programmers and IT engineers.

Bootstrap is the Most Popular HTML, CSS, and JS Framework

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Front-End Challenge Accepted: CSS 3D Cube

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